Rocky Mount, NC, USA

I gave a ride to long-time family friend Gloria Glover and her grandson Christopher, who affectionately calls his grandmother Nana. Christopher attends Stone Park After School Gang.

More than 100 students attend Stone Park After School Gang.

The youngest children at Stone Park After School Gang loved our car, lining up in orderly fashion for the photo.

Playing around

After a school day, students from kindergarten through fifth grade attend Stone Park After School Gang in Rocky Mount.

Jim and I couldn't believe such winter weather in southern Rocky Mount!

2 January 2002 - After three years on the road, I know first-hand that travel takes away prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, as Mark Twain suggested. Spending several days over the holidays in Rocky Mount, where I grew up and home to about 50,000 people, I remember how easy it was, once, to believe that what I thought was truth was true. Yet, now, I know much of my truth was filled with misconceptions and ignorance. Travel has been the best educator I have ever known.