Charlotte, NC, USA

Gaither Deaton and Howard Bissell

Jim Martin and Jim ring in 2002!

What fun we had celebrating the incoming new year!

Lady in red Leslie Culbertson with Fairfax Cooper, keeping his perfect smile spotless

Left to right: Clay Grubb, Dottie and Jim Martin, Anne Scott and Barry Fabyan along with Judy and Paul Leonard

Sharing a laugh with friends Deidre Grubb and Stephanie Bissell

A very dapper Dr. Billy Wireman, my friend and mentor, and president of Queens College

Friends threw us a welcome home dinner party at Dee Schwab’s home. Here Dee poses with Harding and Pam Stowe.

A new year awaits us…

31 December 2001 – Oh, what a perfect evening! Deidre and Clay Grubb, Dee Schwab, Judy and Paul Leonard, Rochelle Grubb and Leslie and John Culbertson hosted a dinner party welcoming us to Charlotte, where 40 friends joined us at Dee’s home for an evening of superb conversation laced with champagne, canapés, dinner, wines, port, cheeses and desserts.

During the evening’s main course, my mentor Dr. Billy Wireman asked the three things I took away from this journey. I replied: “1. Education could solve every problem the world faces today. 2. People throughout the world – rich and poor, black and beige – need to believe in something, whether that be God, country or tribe. and 3. The situation women face in a vast expanse of the globe is dismal, with too little proof that their second-rate status is improving.” The more I think of my response, the more I understand that this trip has been the best educator I have ever known.

  Perfect party (Paige)
  Charlotte (Jim)