Managua, Nicaragua (a.m.) / Tegucigalpa, Honduras (p.m.)
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
17/10/2001 Real Inter-continental 447 KM 219757 KM

At sundown, we passed the stunning, three-dome Church of San Francisco while passing through Perspire on the way to Teguciagalpa.

After spending about four hours to exit Nicaragua and enter Honduras – we were rewarded with a wonderful sunset on our drive to the capital city of Tegucigalpa.

Still, in 2001 in Leon, donkey carts are as acceptable in traffic as automobiles.

Markets line many streets in Leon – everything from deodorant to kitchen knives to earrings can be found.

One of Leon’s packed, bustling and chaotic streets

Jim walks the interior of the Cathedral, begun in 1746 and completed 100 years later.

Schoolboys outside the centuries-old Cathedral

The charming, yet worn, Cathedral in Leon is the largest in all of Central America.

About an hour outside of Managua on the way to Leon, we spotted this majestic mountain in the northern highlands.

17 October 2001 – We sometimes forget to ask all the right questions. This morning we were headed to Leon to see the numerous, grand, old churches there, and as always, we hired a taxi to lead us out of the city. The driver led us to the “shorter” road, but I found out soon after driving on this pot-holed, uneven road that the shortest road doesn't always mean the best road. We met up with the newly paved highway, which we should have taken, after driving about 60 kilometers on the rough road. Plus, the shorter road was only 9 kilometers shorter than the newly paved road, so in the end, the shorter road cost us about 30 minutes.

Leon and Border
  Nicaragua to Honduras (Jim)