Puyehue, Chile (a.m.) / Bariloche, Argentina (p.m.)
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
13/07/2001 Hotel Edelweiss 174 KM 193497 KM

Fondue is a specialty in the ski resort town of Bariloche.

Edwardo and Herman took as many pictures of our car as they did of the nearby lake.

The Andes run for several thousand kilometers dividing Chile and Argentina.

The scenery crossing the Andes lived up to our expectations.

We crossed several delightful mountain streams while crossing the Andes during mid-winter.

Nearing the Argentina border from Chile, I drove over slushy roads with magnificent, sometimes breathtaking, views on either side.

One of the spectacular views of the Chilean Andes

13 July 2001 – Amazingly, we crossed out of Chile and into Argentina with no problems at either border. Met serious snow and ice once we reached the Chilean immigration and customs office situated high on the Andes. The next 20-plus kilometers, separating the two borders, was the most treacherous stretch of the day. As we climbed, the temperature dropped turning the road into a slippery block of ice. White-knuckled initially, I drove the entire pass over the Andes. We moved as slowly as molasses drips down the jar, but we made it! After a little time driving in these conditions, I began to enjoy the experience tremendously, especially as the gleaming sun shimmered on the mesmerizing winter wonderland around us.

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