Santiago, Chile

Teatro Municipal is the venue for international opera, concerts by the Santiago Orchestra and the Ballet de Santiago.

Details of the ceiling inside Teatro Municipal

Teatro Municipal, built in 1857, continues as a showpiece for Santiago.

The talented dancers of the Ballet de Santiago in ‘Manon’ costumes

Ballet de Santiago is performing ‘Manon’ tonight.

We spend time taking care of small things so big problems won't occur – we hope. Here Jim is showing off notarized letters allowing me, Fredrik (webmaster) and Chris (videographer) to drive both cars. Jim remembers border guards required this 10 years ago, so he’s preparing just in case.

6 July 2001 – Santiago, with almost six million people, is a city with countless offerings. Culture on every scale and religion – 90% of Chileans are Catholic, which is evident by the countless cathedrals. Politics – petty to big-time as the nation’s capital. Grand and fading Colonial architecture coupled with decades-old, utilitarian structures. Narrow roads – potholed to pristine, cheap and lavish foods, sports fans, opera aficionados. Schools for rich, poor, young, old, Spanish, German and English-speakers. Hotels – posh to five-fly, cafés, shopping malls – mega to run-down, car dealerships selling Porsches to Fords, beggars beside lovers, the inescapable, horrible smog and oodles more gifts, attractions and contrasts.


  Ballet de Santiago, Teatro Municipal (Paige)