Easter Island, Chile

Even on Easter Island, football is not just king, but a way of life, as it is throughout South America.

Around 30 moais have been re-erected over the last few decades on Easter Island.

According to current legend, the original Moais were given eyes of coral and stone, nearly all of which have disappeared over the centuries.

Kimberley Ross smiles as Jim moans from her deep massage. Kimberley is a chiropractor from New York, who has been living on Easter Island with her husband and three children since 1999.

Horses are just as likely as scooters or automobiles to transport people down the road.

Catholic shrine in Hanga Roa

Rapanuis go out to sea for fishing in these small boats.

Tourism supports 80 percent of the 3000 people on Easter Island. This restored moai was brought into town so tourists could have an easy, first-hand view of the extraordinary statues.

Hanga Roas small dock

The coastline of Easter Island is jagged and rocky with only a couple of small, sandy beaches.

1 July 2001 Hard to accept that July is here already and even harder to believe I've been on the road for 2.5 years. I have such mixed emotions over the finality of this journey. Granted, we have a full six months ahead of us with difficult, trying times as well as glorious ones, I'm sure, but the end is near like its never been before. I'm not sure I like this, since life on the road is addictive, frustrating, challenging and incredibly fulfilling.


  Easter Island (Jim)
  Easter Island (Paige)