Adelaide, Australia

Mixed grill including kangaroo and emu


Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 (Bin 707) is wine at the very best.

Protected animals in Warrawong Sanctuary

Fast-growing eucalyptus trees

Kangaroo III

Kangaroo II

Kangaroo I

At Warrawong Sanctuary, we finally saw kangaroos.

My mom (Sandra Parker) picked the winner Apache King at her very first horse race. On a ‘place’ bet, I won a little on Bel Air.

Apache King won the Adelaide Cup.

Sue Frazer

Hats (and hair) were on display at the horse race.

South Australia holds a statewide holiday on the day of the Adelaide Cup.

At the Adelaide Cup

South Australia holds a statewide holiday on the day of the Adelaide Cup.

This street entertainer drew a big crowd, but he didn't get many paying customers.

We wondered if this was the real thing or a wannabe.

Savory treats in the shop window

A tram runs from the center of town to Glenelg, where a thriving pedestrian area offers cafés, shops and hotels.

The Adelaide waterfront

Cathedral Church of St. Francis Xavier built in 1848 amid heated debate over the construction of a Catholic church

21 May 2001 – Early afternoon, Mom, Dad and I took off on the tram for Glenelg and walked the developed, seashore area for a few hours exploring shops and watching the masses of locals enjoying a picture-perfect day. On our return, Mom and I stopped off at the Adelaide Cup and there, we found Jim, who urged us to place bets before the eighth and premier race of the day. Mom ended up betting A$5.00 on Apache King to win and reaped A$22.50 when he actually did win! And I collected my first winnings – A$12.50 on a place bet with Bel Air. I sure was proud of Mom, who'd never been to a horse race in her life, but still picked the winner. Just goes to show that good things do happen to good people.

Warrawong National Sanctuary
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