Darwin, Australia
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10/05/2001 Saville Park Suites 840 KM 163655 KM

Since the stations are so vast in the Outback, no one could ever afford the time or the money to build fences.

Cowboys are still mustering in the Outback just as they were over 100 years ago.

The stations (enormous ranches) have hundreds of thousands of acres and tens of thousands of cows, so the cowboys are extremely busy during mustering.

It’s mustering (round-up) season in the Outback.

10 May 2001 – Imagine our surprise and delight when we came upon six cowboys, in dark leather chaps and brown suede hats, mounted on horses, mustering hundreds of cattle along the main road to Darwin. What a vision! Watching genuine cowboys drive the cows home is something one doesn't believes still happens in 2001, but in the Outback, this is a way of life. No matter the sophistication of cities like Sydney and Melbourne, cattle will always need to be mustered home out here in these vast, often fenceless, ranges.