Monywa, Myanmar(a.m.) / Mandalay, Myanmar(p.m.)
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
09/03/2001 Novotel 159 KM 147970 KM

Red and yellow watermelons are grown in Myanmar.

A little boy stands outside his home.

Balancing act

A gigantic Buddha inside Sambuddha Kat Kyaw Pagoda, built by an abbot who raised money from the public during the horrible fundraising years of the Depression. However the abbot assured all donors that the pagoda would further world peace.

More than 500,000 carvings of Buddha – some miniscule while others are enormous – cover Sambuddha Kat Kyaw Pagoda. Each of these tiny pieces is a hand-carved Buddha.

Golden exterior of Sambuddha Kat Kyaw Pagoda

Monks’ possessions include a razor, cup, filter to keep bugs out of drinking water, an umbrella and an alms bowl used to gather food.

Ordained monks wearing darker colored robes look out from their monastic residence. Novices tend to wear brighter, crimson-colored robes.

Many males in Myanmar will take on a monastic life at least once in their lives.

Our car was a smash hit with the monks at Sambuddha Kat Kyaw Pagoda.

Near Bodhi-tataung Pagoda are 1000 banyon trees huddled with 1000 Buddha statues.

Alantaye Pagoda’s reclining Buddha sits on a hillside.

Myanmar mother and daughter

Goods sold outside of Alantaye Pagoda, home to an impressively restored reclining Buddha.

Fuel stop

9 March 2001 – Taxi driver recommended street restaurant Mandalay Beer Station and when we arrived, we liked the looks of it – full of customers eating, talking, laughing and drinking. (As is custom here, women tend to stay home with the children so only one woman was present at the restaurant with her husband and two small children).

We ordered by walking around and pointing to good-looking food others were eating. Jim and I sat opposite each other at a huge table for six drinking Mandalay draft beer and eating peanuts as we waited for our food. A large bowl of steamed rice, greens with mushrooms in a brown sauce and another dish of greens coated in a sweet, peanut flavoring arrived via the owner’s son, who looked to be nearly 12 years old. Later Jim ordered and devoured a few chicken livers. The food was fantastic, cooked to perfection and plentiful. We enjoyed several draft beers and the generous portions of food for under $2! The pretty Mother of our young server told me she'd never had people like us come to her restaurant. Well, they should for a great evening of smiles, conversation, warm hospitality, ice cold beer and seriously tasty food for next to nothing.