Imphal, India (a.m.) / Kalaymyo, Myanmar (p.m.)
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
07/03/2001 Taung Za Lat Hotel 241 KM 147469 KM

Jim at the Myanmar border: border officials tell us we are the first foreigners to drive across this border since World War II.

This small river separates Myanmar from India and also serves as the local laundry.

Tamu market where women sell delicious, sweet, although enormous green peas

Jim changes money on the black market at the Myanmar border crossing.

This Myanmar boy wears thanaka (a paste made from sandalwood) to protect his skin from the sun.

We can hardly believe we are in Myanmar. Here border officials at Tamu ready the son of a fellow worker for a photograph.

Myanma (sic) Spirit description inside Tamu border

7 March 2001 – In this government hotel, where age and dinginess are apparent with every glance inside and out, I enjoyed perhaps the best night of sleep on our journey. The snug feeling while sleeping came from the drop in temperature last night making the blankets necessary. A homemade mosquito net over the bed gave me security not to fret over bites. The sheets, a top and bottom one – unusual to have both – were cleaner than the remainder of the room. I guess one really doesn't need top-of-the-line, five-star luxury for a restorative, sound night of sleep.


  Out of India and into Myanmar (Jim)
  Bizarre Indian border crossing (Jim)