Mumbai, India

Most medical needs are met in the Indian Mercantile Building.

A fast food joint with hanging fruit from the ceiling and a small shrine to boot

Jim says shops like this exist in Paris, but are obviously rarer and less sophisticated in Mumbai.

Roadside merchant sells fake Polo and Reebok pants and shirts

Age-old means of transporting goods

Mumbai scene, but this could be have been dozens of cities we've seen on this trip.

Outside Victoria Station in the heart of Mumbai, a bull-drawn cart loaded with ice stops to sell a few kilos of ice, covered by a towel for protection, to a customer who will peddle it home.

Another case of good intentions

Fast food inside the train station

Inside Victoria Terminus Station

In our view, the Gothic Victoria Terminus Station finished in 1882 is the world’s best train station exterior.

Military police still ride Royal Enfields, which are essentially the same as they were 70 years ago.

9 February 2001 – Chhatrapati Sivaji Terminus, formerly known as Victoria Terminus, is an example of Victorian Gothic architecture. The first train left from this station in April 1853 and the building was named after Queen Victoria in 1887. Inside intricate ironwork still adorns the ceiling and the impressive booking room could be a cathedral interior. By any comparison, this is the most astounding train station facade I have ever seen. Massive, ornate, domed and symmetrical, this station is used by more than half a million commuters every day.

Victoria Terminus