Mumbai, India

Mani Bhavan, the Mahatma Gandhi Museum, is the private house where Gandhi stayed when in Mumbai. Now it serves as a research library and memorial museum with photos and letters – to the likes of Hitler, Roosevelt and Tolstoy – adorning the walls.

Street life

We've seen many anti-smoking signs in India.

Men – no females work at the laundry – stand in muddy looking water as they wash thousands of pieces of clothing almost every day.

Coals fire this iron.

Many workers and locals clean themselves in the laundry water.

Maze of laundry inside Mumbai’s dhobi ghat

A view from Mahalakshmi Bridge of colorful fabrics at dhobi ghat

Mumbai’s dhobi ghat is a fascinating laundry. The organization behind the scores of thousands of pieces that are washed, ironed and returned to the rightful owner could be a great case study.

5 February 2001 – Dhobi ghat, Mumbai’s outdoor laundry, is a must visit. Hundreds of men and older boys wash countless thousands of pieces of clothing in somewhat muddy-looking water. Many wash by moving the clothing in the water, but others take the item overhead and then thrust it against the short cement wall separating each ‘washing room’. Several men iron using coal to heat the metal flattener, some men wash only whites while others green or blue items, a few men dip clothes in huge, blue vats for bleaching, a handful of men wash themselves and many stand around perhaps waiting for a role in this production. Amazingly all of this is organized, so that the thousands of pieces of clothing arrive at the owner’s address on the given day.

Dhobi ghat laundry
  Dhobi ghat (Paige)