Mumbai, India

Mumbai offers support to the earthquake area in western India.

Lobster dinner and a local beer at Café Royal, in business since the early 1900s

Jim gets a shoeshine.

Gateway of India port

The Gateway of India was planned to commemorate the visit of the first British monarch in 1911, but the planning and building took too long so a preliminary structure stood for that occasion. The permanent Gateway of India, which now serves as the symbol of Mumbai, was completed in 1924.

The impressive, red-domed Taj Mahal Hotel stands almost opposite the Gateway of India.

McDowell, a spirits maker, made sure alcohol flowed freely and liberally at the Derby.

Walking to the track for the main event

Inside the Clubhouse

The most common attire at the Derby was sarees and coats with ties, but some young people opted for jeans and anything black showing plenty of skin.

Reviewing the tout sheets before the seventh race

Jim and I attended India’s major horse racing event, ‘The McDowell Indian Derby’. The women you see walking the grounds repair the grass after each race. Along with a large group of male ground workers, the women staged a small verbal protest (too little pay) after the sixth race and all were driven off the track in a police truck.

Thousands of people turned out for the ‘Run for Gujarat’ – a fundraising effort to assist the people stricken by the earthquake in India’s Gujarat state.

4 February 2001 – Mumbai (formerly Bombay, but changed to Mumbai in 1995 since the Indians are trying to erase their Colonial past and continue to rename many Indian cities) is by far the most exciting city we've visited in India. Enormous like New York with about 12 million people, better infrastructure than Delhi, high rises scattered throughout the peninsula, packed with delicious yet inexpensive restaurants, concerts in the park at Kala Ghoda, the most amazing outdoor laundry (dhobi ghat), men at traffic lights selling magazines, several quality museums and galleries, massive energy of people rich, poor, young and old – Mumbai is a fascinating place.

Gateway to India
  The Derby (Jim)
  Gateway to India (Paige)
  Gujarat Run for earthquake relief (Paige)