Cairo, Egypt


8 November 2000 – To the Saudi Arabian consulate where we waited five hours before finally picking up our visa. Even with stamped document in hand, Jim and I can't believe we will really be able to explore (to a certain degree as sacred, religious sites are off limits to non-Muslims) this rich country. So now we just hope that once we arrive at the Port Safaga ferry in southern Egypt that officials will let us embark and then once we reach Duba in Saudi Arabia that officials there will allow us to enter their country.

A thought today while waiting at the consulate – why don't they have Rubik’s cubes or puzzles or brainteasers at these places? I always remember to bring a book, newspaper or magazine, but today I read my newspaper front to back in a couple of hours leaving three hours of painful waiting!


  Wine in ancient Egypt (Jim)
  Few restaurants in Cairo (Jim)
  US Embassy nonsense (Jim)