Aswan, Egypt

Taxi driver napping in his back seat

Massive cruise boats moor along the Nile allowing hundreds of passengers to explore Aswan.

‘Look inside’, ‘Cheap price’, ‘Come see’ are all touted incessantly to tourists as they stroll the souk. Darwish Bazaar plays off this.

Aswan’s souk (market)

Cooking falafel (fried chickpeas and spices)

Behind the doors

Every imaginable spice can be bought for next to nothing along the streets of Aswan.

A local enjoys molasses-soaked tobacco in a cumbersome sheesha waterpipe.

The Nubian Bazaar

Stone steps

Scores of feluccas along the Nile

Coptic crosses over Aswan

25 Oct 2000 -I like Aswan. Perhaps it’s because we've been away so long from any kind of shops with options and decent merchandise – not to say this is Madison Avenue by any means. Merchandise of cheap t-shirts, inexpensive to absurdly overpriced gold and silver and more kitsch tourist knick-knacks. Streets around the hotels are spotted with military soldiers carrying rifles. Since the massacre of tourists in Luxor three years back, security has been ultra tight in Egypt. Tourism adds US$1 billion to the Egyptian economy and the government certainly wants to ensure that revenue continues.

Here I've seen Coptic crosses, stone steps with thousands of years of history, locals smoking sheeshas outside coffeehouses, spices of every color and variety, greasy falafel (fried chickpeas and spices) stalls, the tourist bazaar, scores of feluccas with white sails along the narrow, winding river and too, too many tremendous cruise boats cluttering the legendary Nile.


  Aswan Souk
  Aswan (Paige)
  Aswan High Dam (Jim)