Bahar-Dar, Ethiopia
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
23/09/2000 Tana Hotel 685 KM 101711 KM

Ethiopian sunset

Corn, one of the major crops in Ethiopia, grows among indigenous yellow Cross, or sometimes called Meskel, flowers.

Ethiopia, whose image is famine and drought, is amazingly lush and green everywhere we've driven.

The narrow, bumpy winding road through the Blue Nile Gorge offers a spectacular drive. This magnificent feat of engineering by the Italians will soon revert to a muddy track due to lack of maintenance.

This bridge, built by the Italians, crosses the Blue Nile in the awesome Blue Nile Gorge.

A goat looks over the one-kilometer deep Blue Nile Gorge.

23 Sept 2000 – We drove through the Blue Nile Gorge (between Fiche and Debra Markos) where the Italian-built, steep, narrow road winds and twists making two-lane traffic almost impossible. A kilometer deep, the impressive gorge cradles the fabled, romantic waterway of the Nile.

One of several patches of mud trapped a bus so we waited in scorching heat as an enormous tractor pulled out the beaten, old, blue vehicle loaded with people and their belongings. Throughout the day, the rocky road abused us, jerking our bodies up, down, right and left. We could travel no faster than 30 to 50 km per hour making the 550-km stretch to Bahar Dar a very, very slow one, but through spectacular country.


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