Serengeti Park, Tanzania

A cheetah kill draws quite a crowd in the Serengeti.

With blood-covered faces, a couple of cheetah devour a Grantís gazelle. One tears into the meat while the other sits upright searching for lions or hyenas, who arrive in packs, thus, sending the cheetah on their way.

Leopard lounging on a branch Ė these are solitary animals joining another only for mating

A Masai giraffeís lengthy tongue grabs foliage.

Lions rest during the day so they can hunt, play and guard their territory during the dark hours.

Legs in the air and asleep on her back, this lioness knows she has no worry of predators.

Lion cubs rest on one of the many rock formations in Serengeti National Park.

The African adult elephant can consume up to 250 kg of grass, leaves, bark and other vegetation in just one-day. This tree offers more thorns than leaves for the grazer.

The vast, open plains of the Serengeti allow almost effortless animal spotting.

Hippo haven: submerged in fresh water throughout the day consuming underwater vegetation, sometimes up to 40 kg per day.

28 August 2000 Ė Within half an hour of going out for a late afternoon game drive, we came upon 10 elephants of all ages, right beside the dirt path, using their enormous tusks to eat from acacia trees studded with thorns. We passed common (Burchellís) zebra, Grantís gazelle, warthogs, impala, Thompsonís gazelle, guinea fowl, various birds and two lionesses with cubs. In the vast golden plain, one lioness rested on her back with legs dangling in the air, just as Caesar, my parentsí dog, does in the back yard. A few minutes later we eyed a cheetah with three cubs, then a well-camouflaged leopard up a tree and later two cheetah devouring a Grantís gazelle killed just moments before we arrived. I could hear the sleek animals tearing meat with vengeance from the dainty antelope, but the cheetah popped up every few minutes to scout for approaching hyenas, who can smell a scent from 10 km away, vultures and lions.


  Serengeti National Park (Paige)
  Frankfurt Zoological Society (Jim)
  $12 million service facility with no tools (Jim)
  Serengeti National Park (Jim)