Mikumi (a.m.)/ Dar es Salaam (p.m.), Tanzania
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
07/08/2000 Sheraton 379 KM 96192 KM

Stops for diesel give us fast food options. Here sugar cane, oranges, cashews, strawberries, raspberries, mandarins, bananas, bread, samosas and peanuts were on offer.

The sink is long gone from this gas station’s toilet.

We're seeing more and more mosques as we head up Africa’s East Coast.

Hawkers surround us before we even get out of the car.

Straw items for sale along the Tanzam Highway

Giraffe crossing sign on the Tanzam Highway running through Mikumi National Park

Flowering acacia trees brighten the brown grassy plains of Mikumi National Park

Grevy’s zebra

Mikumi National Park is named for the Borassus palm, which the locals call the mikumi.

Marabou stork


Tanzanian sunrise

African royalty

We saw more than 20 lions during our three-hour drive through Mikumi National Park.

Mikumi National Park

7 August 2000 – Our first sighting just minutes after entering Mikumi National Park was two lions, one with an impressive mane. When sitting with heads held high, the creatures look like majestic royalty. Over the next three hours we found elephant, Grevy’s zebra, wildebeest, warthog, giraffe, impala, Marabou stork, Cory bustard, monkey and an almost hidden hippo under water in the Hippo Pool. By the end of the drive, we'd seen more than 20 lions – an all-time high for us.

Mikumi National Park, located in Central Tanzania, is grassland spotted with Mikumi palm trees, baobab, yellow-flowering acacia and oodles of other bushes and trees. The park’s name originated from the locals’ word ‘mikumi’ for the Borassus palm. Mikumi National Park, the third largest in Tanzania, is an outstanding animal sanctuary for viewing game. Cheap, too.


  Fantastic fuel stop (Paige)