Chimoio, Mozambique
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
28/07/2000 Executive Manica Hotel 484 KM 93463 KM

Thatch homes still under floodwater

Entire villages remain underwater.

The spring 2000 floods continue to play havoc in Southern Mozambique.

28 July 2000 – Taylor (our nephew and son of Jim’s youngest brother Steve and his wife Rosemary Bates) made a remarkable observation today: babies don't cry in Africa. Honestly he’s on to something. Granted we do hear a few rare infant shouts, but in general African babies are not spoiled, over-attended or led to believe that tears make things happen.

(Taylor Bates-Rogers, born 1987, joined us in Johannesburg. He'll travel with us to Dar es Salaam, where he'll depart for Tennessee for his eighth grade school year.)


  How to harness the energy? (Jim)
  Chimoio (Jim)