Johannesburg, South Africa

South African food at Wandi's in Soweto - my favorite was a bean and corn 'mush' eaten along with a super-spicy tomato, pepper salad

During dinner with Alan and Patience Murray at Wandi's Restaurant on Saturday night in Soweto, we met the head of South Africa's military General Sphiwe Nyanda.

African Footprints, a musical with fabulous dancing destined to reach Broadway or the West End, plays inside of Gold Reef City, a massive, decadent gambling center.

15 July 2000 – African Footprint, a delightful musical promoting African unity, is playing at the Gold Reef, an entertainment/casino/shopping/hotel complex. The musical is simply fantastic, especially the dancing, which begins with old-style African traditional movements intertwined with ballet and modern moves and concludes with present day tap dancing and hip-swaying.

This production, with three remarkable stars, could make it on Broadway or London’s West End. Some of the notes are missed in the singing, and too many transitions do not flow from one scene to the next, but the overall African tale – with 80 percent of the cast black South Africans and the remaining white South Africans – is engaging, exciting and extremely entertaining.


  Soweto and Saturday night dinner (Jim)
  Thoughts on South Africa (Jim)
  Soweto and Saturday night dinner (Jim)