Sesriem, Namibia / Springbok, South Africa
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
22/06/2000 Masonic Hotel 963 KM 81665 KM

An anti-AIDS billboard along a main highway in Namibia

Many secondary roads in Namibia consist of dirt paths but they are maintained well allowing our speed to reach 80-100 km/ hr.

22 June 2000 - Several people have e-mailed asking about HIV/AIDS in Africa. Today on the highway, we saw a billboard targeting truck drivers promoting safe sex via condoms. (Photo on site.)

Namibia and South Africa are now in mid-winter. Daytime temperature is no higher than 20 Celsius and nighttime is sometimes as cool as 4 C. Last night we turned on the heat in our room for the first time since Europe.


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