Namibe (a.m.) / Lubango (p.m.), Angola
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
06/06/2000 Muhonguera Lodge 348 KM 76697 KM

Between Namibe and Lubango is this glorious, serpentine mountain climb.

A spectacular rock creation by Lake Arco

Lake Arco in the Namib Desert offers much needed water for laundry.

Welwitchia mirabilis produce either female (left) or male (right) flowers.

Welwitchia mirabilis, which only exist in the Namibe Desert

6 June 2000 - We drove the nearly perfect road through the flat, golden sand and dirt of the Namib Desert where hills looked like tabletops. How do wind patterns shape them so? We drove off-road in the firm sand to Lake Arco finding a small village with perhaps 15 adults and children who met us with curious stares. We hiked a short distance around the stone mountain to the sapphire blue lake surrounded by plants, palms and even lotus growing in the water. Nature carved a couple of holes into one mountain allowing us to walk through and view the lagoon from both sides. This was a work of art. Man could not create this natural wonder. We returned to the village where three young children ate sugar cane. They stared at me as I gazed at them and I'm not sure who was more intrigued.

  Serpentine mountain (Paige)
  Namibe Desert and Lake Arco (Paige)