Mayumba, Gabon

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Decade-old graves down the road from the Catholic Mission

The school serving the Catholic Mission

An old Colonial church now serving the Catholic Mission

Toilets for the Catholic Mission's church and school

A crumbling, former Colonial home taken over by the Catholic Mission

Abundant bamboo in the rain forest

Timber is big enough business in Gabon to warrant mechanization.

Awaiting transport

23 May 2000 - I went for a long walk in the jungle today exploring a forgotten factory and a grave yard near the Catholic Mission, which has taken over an old, crumbling Colonial home, church, stables and school.

The sweat-inducing, horribly humid jungle was filled with thousands of bamboo trees, palms, dangling vines, ferns, lizards, colorful butterflies and enormous ants, which produce a sting reminiscent of alcohol on an open wound. The luscious green landscape offered few colorful flowers - I saw only yellow trumpet blossoms dangling from trees and purple simple sprays covering a small ground area.

I felt quite small, yet absurdly fortunate traveling down the deserted dirt path with thick jungle enveloping me on either side, the sound of lizards rustling in the bush, and bees, butterflies and horseflies buzzing a magical music.


  Waiting on our barge and push tugboat (Jim)
  Waiting and waiting for the ferry (Jim)