Ndende, Gabon
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
20/05/2000 Relais St. Hubert 285 KM 74407 KM

Saturday night in Ndende

Jim decided on boa for dinner.

Monkeys and parrots are among many other things for sale beside the roads in Africa.

Fresh game for dinner perhaps?

Another view of the Gabon jungle

Slender, towering trees are common throughout the tropical forest.

Schweitzer's hospital still functions today - with a malaria focus vs. the original leprosy one.

Schweitzer's 'revelation' to help mankind

Graves behind the former home of Dr. Albert Schweitzer include his own.

20 May 2000 - Arrived in Ndende to learn Congo border is closed - several Congo ambassadors had said we could drive straight on to Pointe Noire from Ndende. Even Gabon's Minister of Tourism did not know the border was closed as he assured us of passage to Point Noire via Ndende. Now I remember back in Ndjole when a Ghanaian truck driver told us to look for new military roads in order to cross the border.


  Albert Schweitzer
  Potential investment opportunity (Jim)
  Closed Congo border and local timber-man (Jim)
  Ndende (Jim)