Enugu, Nigeria

Penok cuts Jim's hair in Enugu.

Penoks on Park Avenue where Jim got his hair cut

Officer John

Enugu Mercedes factory, proud possessors of ISO 9001 certification

2 May 2000 - We leave tomorrow for Cameroon. Jim and I are both nervous as heck about the drive to Douala since we've heard horror stories of the dirt paths in the rainy season turning into mud swamps making the roads almost impassable.

From either Douala or Libreville, we will decide if we should proceed south or if we must take an alternative course to Namibia. The problem is Angola. We've been told by a few that we can drive through if we stick to the main roads along the coastal area, yet Jim points out that it only takes one bullet to kill. We are still investigating. Jim spoke with a BBC reporter living in Angola a couple of nights ago and she says we could probably pass without problems, but the 'probably' is what makes me anxious.

From Douala we may have to fly or take a boat because we are not sure we can do this from Libreville (in Gabon), which is the next port city. So we have much homework still to do even though we have been talking and researching with everyone imaginable.


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