Lome, Togo
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24/04/2000 Hotel Palm Beach 209 KM 71024 KM

Lome - not a boom town anymore

The beach at Lome, capital of Togo

24 April 2000 - L'Auberge Provencale, run by 79 year old Frenchman Andre Potron, is a true jewel. Andre, a Lome resident for 40 years, left retirement and bought the restaurant in November 1999.

The Mediterranean-inspired d├ęcor and surroundings of L'Auberge Provencale are filled with lush green plants. We declined the offer to sit in the air-conditioned dining room and instead sat on the terrace just beside a window with a breeze coming in straight off the Atlantic.

We ordered green salads, snails, lobster and barracuda. Unfortunately the lobster was finished, but the server recommended and showed me a similar shellfish and I agreed to try it.

My salad was delicious, but I avoided the warm, beef liver. Jim devoured his escargot cooked with wine and garlic. His firm-textured barracuda tasted wonderful. My pseudo-lobster was good but too tough. We drank Colonels (citron sorbet and vodka) after dinner. (Jim says the best thing the French did for Africa was to introduce the Colonel; there's nothing as refreshing in the heat of West Africa.)

A lovely evening - perhaps the restaurant is reason enough to visit Lome. Bouillabaisse or lobster thermidor can be ordered 48 hours in advance.


  Togo leader agrees to step down (Jim)
  Lome and L'Auberge Provencale (Paige)
  Togo (Jim)