St.Louis, Senegal
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
21/03/2000 Hotel Sindone 317 KM 64634 KM

Creating a fishing net in the center of St. Louis

The beach at St. Louis along the Atlantic

Goats take over the beachfront in St. Louis.

A young girl heading to the Senegal River to wash clothes

A boy from Rosso

People head for telecenters to make calls. Telephones inside the home are uncommon.

I watched females of all ages carry laundry to and from the Senegal River in Rosso.

Arrival in Senegal

Leaving Mauritania

Our best option to cross the Senegal River from Mauritania to Senegal, which takes less than five minutes. It is very cheap if you take the scheduled crossings. We decided to pay more rather than wait three hours.

21 March 2000 - Jim and I enjoyed a horse and buggy ride through St. Louis, which was a fine, colonial town not too long ago, but now the buildings crumble and children beg at every stop we make. We found a charming hotel (owned by Canadian woman) and delicious restaurant (owned by French woman) and see potential in the town situated along the Atlantic. Several French tourists walked the streets, but the city wreaks of neglect. Goats in people's courtyards and along the beach seem to live as well as some children. The president has a huge estate in St. Louis.

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