Dakhla, Western Sahara

Restaurant Bahia in Dakhla offers delicious seafood and even ice-cold beer. Jim says he'll take this any day over fancy-European restaurants.

At sundown, the women raise the tent. Underneath the white canvas is a beautiful, white hand-stitched pattern on green material.

Dakhla, a dusty Sahara town on the Atlantic Ocean

Laundry and satellite discs


Several women take over a street as they piece together material making a tent for the desert.

9 March 2000 - We are in the Western Sahara. I must say the drives I've had over the last few days, with the desert on my left and the Atlantic on my right, have been nothing less than spectacular. The jagged coastline is a sight to behold -- imagine the people who actually live along here. Life for them is living off the sea and waving to the few passers each day. Some live in little stone homes and others just have tarp - perhaps home is somewhere else and they are here just for a period of fishing, but honestly the tarps appear too permanent not to be "home".