Fez, Morocco

Roasted lamb with vegetables and potatoes

Couscous (steamed semolina grains) with lamb, vegetables and fruits

Pastilla, a delicacy in Morocco, reminds me of a flaky chicken pastry.

Small Moroccan salads begin many meals.

L'Anmbra is a traditional Moroccan restaurant in the new town of Fez.

Moroccan music accompanies a meal at L'Anmbra in Fez.

Making material with looms and hands

The second communal oven we saw inside the medina

The tanneries of Fez are amazing. Men, not machines, take animal skins through several stages in order to color leathers for sale.

Silk and cotton thread is dyed via age-old methods inside the medina.

The enormous Kairouyine Mosque, closed to non-Muslims, still has a functioning school that pre-dates Oxford.

An old medrassa, which means school, inside the medina of Fez (the medrassa was really a dormitory for students attending a nearby school)

Inside the medina and Old Town of Fez

Inside Zaoula Moulay Idriss, one of Morocco's holiest shrines

Visiting the medina of Fez is like walking back in time. Here animals and people work and thrive.

24 Feb 2000 - Located in the New Town section of Fez, L'Anmbra is a traditional Moroccan restaurant with typical décor and musicians. Our dinner began with several small Moroccan salads and then pastilla, a much-touted Moroccan dish. Ours included chicken encased in flaky pastry dusted with confectionery sugar and cinnamon. For the main dish, I ate couscous with lamb, vegetables and fruits while Jim had roasted lamb with vegetables and potatoes. Sliced strawberries and oranges sprinkled with cinnamon sugar along with tiny pastries wrapped in sesame seeds and piping hot mint tea concluded our meal.


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