Paris, France

French school children visiting Cathedrale Notre-Dame

The view in front of Cathedrale Notre-Dame

Cathedrale Notre-Dame is the most revered cathedral in France.

Gridlock traffic is common in Paris.

A French girl outside the Cathedrale Notre-Dame

Pigeons seem to flock to cathedrals in France and Italy.

Cathedrale Notre-Dame, begun in 1163, displays Transitional Gothic architecture.

Sainte-Chapelle's steeple is only two blocks from the Cathedral of Notre Dame, which was built just 80 years before. Imagine having two such extraordinary houses of worship in such close proximity.

The Lower Chapel of Sainte-Chapelle is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and served as the palace's parish church under Louis IX.

Two-thirds of the stained-glass windows in Sainte-Chapelle are original from the 13th century.

The stained-glass windows in the Upper Chapel of Sainte-Chapelle cover 650 square meters (6,458 square feet).

Sainte-Chapelle, built in six years (1242-1248) at the decree of Louis IX, was designed to hold Christ's relics, particularly the Crown of Thorns. It is an example of High Gothic architecture.

8 December 1999 St. Chapelle is a marvelous structure built at the request of Louis IX to house the relics of Christ, particularly his Crown of Thorns. The Lower Chapel, dedicated to Virgin Mary, is small with abundant gilt. The Upper Chapel is a stunner, eye-popping in beauty, with lovely stained glass, of which two-thirds is original. St. Chapelle, built in only six years, is three blocks from Notre-Dame, built 80 years prior. Notre-Dame is Transitional Gothic and St. Chapelle is High Gothic. To see such extraordinary structures in such close proximity is overwhelming.


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