Monte Carlo, Monaco
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
25/11/1999 Grand Hotel 232 KM 49311 KM

Monaco, a tiny sovereign state, has 30,000 residents with 4,500 classified as natives.

The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean line the curving coastline of Monaco.

Monte-Carlo's old casino built in 1863 was one of the few legal casinos in the world for many years.

One friend e-mailed me, 'If you can't be home for Thanksgiving, Monte-Carlo is the next best place.' True, but I longed for a 'traditional' meal so Jim found a place serving an 'American Thanksgiving'. Menu: sangria, chips and salsa, turkey, peas and bacon, potatoes, stuffing (which tasted just like the sangria) and cornbread. Granted some of these items are not 'traditional' for me, but the food was oh, so good.

Jim, who is from Marengo County Alabama, visits the original Marengo near the Italian Riviera.

25 November 1999 - Clay Grubb, a dear friend of mine, e-mailed me that if I couldn't be home for Thanksgiving then Monte-Carlo was the next best place. I think he's right. Still I longed for a traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey and trimmings. I had hoped this would take me a little closer to home.

Jim found Le Texan serving 'traditional Thanksgiving' and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner together. We also called my family and his during dinner - if you can't be with them, call. There was even a strolling guitarist playing country music - songs we both know from Alabama and North Carolina.

The funniest part of the evening was learning how Monte-Carlo defines a 'traditional Thanksgiving' meal. Our menu consisted of sangria and chips and salsa to start. Then a huge plate of turkey with stuffing/dressing (which tasted exactly like the sangria), roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, green peas with bacon, pearl onions in a white cream sauce and cornbread. We drank Beaujolais nouveau to accompany our 'traditional' meal. For dessert I had pecan pie with ice cream and Jim ate a brownie with ice cream. We swapped desserts midway since both were fabulous.

No matter how we define a traditional, perfect meal, someone else defines it differently. Since I love chips and salsa, I gained a new tradition for my future Thanksgivings.


  Marengo, Italy (Jim)
  Monaco - tax haven, casino (Jim)
  Turkey in Monte-Carlo (Jim)
  Monte-Carlo (Paige)
  Thanksgiving meal in Monte-Carlo (Paige)