Vilnius, Lithuania
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
06/09/1999 Astorija Hotel 189 KM 38777 KM

Business must be slow.

Another artist tries to appease both subject and Mother

A Vilnius artist

An antique store offers more delights.

The nooks, crannies and alleyways of Vilnius offer unexpected delights.

Teenagers hang out outside St. Casimir's Cathedral.

The Russians, Germans, Poles and Swedes used early 17th century St. Casimir's Cathedral for grain storage. Vilnius has been conquered by various empires during its history and all have tried to suppress Lithuanian heritage without success.

6 September 1999 - Lithuanian population: 3.7 million. Eighty percent are Lithuanian, 10% Russian speaking and 7% Polish.

Vilnius population: 600,000.

Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus makes US$35,000 and donates his salary to charity. He receives a pension of US$60,000 from the United States.


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