Moscow, Russia

After being rejected as a Christopher Columbus statue in America, this monument was bought by the mayor of Moscow from his friend to be dedicated to Peter the Great.

Kruschev's grave is in black and white because the Russians felt he had a good side as well as an evil side.

The Prince and Swan Princess received raving applause and cheers of 'bravo'. The Princess had the most wonderful slender arms, which fluttered perfectly like a swan.

The Corps received much applause for their superb performance.

Being in the 224-year-old Bolshoi Theatre was a girlhood dream come true for me.

The presidential box at the elaborate Bolshoi Theatre

3 September 1999 – Since a little girl of three years-old taking ballet lessons until later as a college student performing my own choreography on stage, I dreamed of one day seeing the ballet at the Bolshoi. Tonight, I lived my fantasy, attending opening night of Swan Lake. The performance surpassed my lofty expectations, as did the gold-painted Bolshoi Theatre, with intricately detailed wood molding and royal, red velvet cushions, curtains and carpet.

The Swan Princess made the evening with her remarkable footwork, hitting every position gracefully and precisely. From her too thin body extended the leanest arms, fluttering exactly like a swan. And, what a dramatic vision when the corps, fluttering with all their might, surrounded the Swan Princess, while the Prince leapt high into the rafters.

This Swan Lake story: Act one introduces the Prince, liked by all. His father, the King, is feared by all. The King decrees that the Prince must marry. Everyone dances in celebration. Then the Prince dances off finding the Evil Spirit, a creation of the King, dancing around a lake of swans. The Prince falls for the Special Swan. In the second, and best, act, with superb, complicated footwork and engrossing choreography, the Special Swan accepts the Prince’s proposal and agrees to meet his parents.

Third Act: Future wives are paraded in front of the Prince, eagerly awaiting the Special Swan, who does not arrive until some time later. When she appears, wearing a lace veil covering her face and upper body, she looks like an angel. The Prince and Princess dance together and the Evil Spirit tries to stop this sharing of love. In the fourth act, the Evil Spirit takes the Special Swan away, but the Prince finds her. The love shared by the Prince and the Special Swan overwhelms the Evil Spirit. And, the Price and Special Swan live happily ever after.


  Opening night 'Swan Lake' at the Bolshoi Theatre (Paige)
  Bolshoi Theatre and symbolism in 'Swan Lake' (Jim)