Moscow, Russia

Dinner at the home of Maria and Valeri Sungurov where Maria prepared a feast

16th century St. Basil's Cathedral, built to commemorate the fall of Kazan and the Tatars after centuries of conflict, is now a working museum with entrance fee of 75 rubles (US$3).

28 August 1999 We went to a soccer match with the Moscow Torpedoes and a St. Petersburg team. Moscow won on a free kick, 1-0. While standing in the queue to purchase tickets, we noticed seasoned militia wearing bulletproof vests and helmets patrolling the grounds. Then when we entered the arena, after being sent back and forth between the same two gates four times, a dozen young militia carrying batons stood at the base of each section. Honestly, there was more militia guarding the game than spectators watching. I never saw a wild, rambunctious person, but was told young people often get out of hand at these games.


  GUMs, soccer/football match and dinner with Maria and Valeri (Paige)