Darhan, Mongolia
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
02/08/1999 Darhan Hotel 230 KM 31141 KM

Poolroom inside Darhan’s market

The market in Darhan


The Millennium Mercedes travels with the pack.

Moving the sheep and goats back to Darhan

After spending the summer about 60 kilometers south of Darhan, this woman leads the family’s camels on a journey back home. In 1999, the nomadic life is still common in Mongolia.

This woman, who looked to be in her 30s, herds the sheep and goats, directs the camels and steers the horses. She impressed me enormously.

Three generations pose with the Millennium Mercedes.

The Millennium Mercedes helps us make friends.

After a little prodding, members of the family who live in this yurt posed with us. Before allowing this photo, the mother, wanting her youngest to look his best, changed his clothes.

Cultures merge

We found these people moving their yurts (gers) aboard camels. They were headed back to Darhan, after spending the summer months about 60 kilometers out of town where their sheep grazed by a small stream.

Ozoos are scattered along the Mongolian highway. They are believed to be on sacred ground and Shamanists are said to stop their cars, horses or camels to walk around the shrine.

2 August 1999 - Along our drive to Darhan, we stopped and met a family who lives in a yurt. We parked the car by the yurt and cultures merged. I helped the mother change the clothes of her youngest son. She wanted him photographed in his best.

Then we stopped several kilometers later and photographed another family who were moving their yurt, sheep, goats, camels and horses back to Darhan after spending the summer about 60 kilometers south (near a creek). An older woman steered the five of the camels. A woman I believe to be in her thirties and who was a remarkable horsewoman steered the horses, goats, sheep and other camels.


  The drive from Ulan Batar to Darhan: yurts, sheep, horses, camels, livestock and people (Paige)