Seoul, Korea

Little girls taking a rest inside the Kyongbokkung Palace in Seoul


Korean women flaunt their own style.


21 May 1999 - Susan Kim (associate director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea) who I met earlier in the week and invited to dinner chose a great little Korean place, which had an extensive preset menu that included:
  • Assortment of nine cold dishes
  • Traditional Porridge
  • Green Bean Dubu Marinated with soya, vinegar, honey, sesame oil
  • Special sliced raw fish
  • Raw ginseng and honey
  • Rolled ox tongue with vegetable
  • Sea jellyfish with raw ginseng juice, mustard and cucumber, shrimp, pear slices
  • Steamed large clam meat served in the shell
  • Pan-fried meat, fish and vegetables
  • Vegetable salad (green vegetable, oyster, chestnut, pear with hot spice
  • Grilled beef spare ribs with spice
  • Marinated raw sliced beef
  • Fried sea lobster with sauce
  • Broiled fresh river eel with sauce
  • Korean fondue with bouillon, beef, seafood, mushroom, bamboo shoots and vegetables
  • Scorched rice
  • Fresh fruit and traditional sweet cookie
  • Traditional sweet rice drink
  • Cass Korean beer


  Seoulís Premier Palace