Xian, China

Who needs traffic lights when a country has 1.3 billion people?

Glamour-shot style studios, with Western dress for hire, produce slick photographs for young engaged couples.

There seem to be as many bicycles in Xian, population six million, as people.

Bicycle lanes still do not solve China's traffic congestion.

China's one-child policy means some of the young only-children are spoiled.

A young Pioneer

Going to market

18 April 1999 - Street Restaurant - Jim and I walked for an hour trying to find somewhere for dinner. It was after 9 p.m. when we finally settled on a street restaurant and then we spent several minutes trying to explain our desires. Jim clucked like a chicken and they brought out an egg - we said yes. Then they brought out the whole-uncooked chicken. We said yes. Next, I heard them in the kitchen chopping up the bird - pretty unappetizing sound. Then I went into the kitchen and showed them chili peppers so they'd know we wanted our chicken spicy. We also ordered rice and cucumbers with garlic. We drank cold beer and the food was very good - minus the bones in the chicken.