Xian, China
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
16/04/1999 Hyatt Regency Xian 482 KM 18260 KM

Christian children in China

Bright lights adorned the altar

Christian congregation

The young members of this Christian congregation, located outside of Xian, sang a hymn for us when we visited.

We passed this Christian church during our drive to Xian. We were so taken by the sight that we returned for a closer look.

Christian Church 70 km from Xian

16 April 1999 - Xian - booming city with six million people. Dinner with Jim at a local place - I went into the kitchen to show them garlic and cucumbers. Jim, in the dining area, ordered a chicken dish by pointing to the same dish on another table. We ate well - steamed rice, chicken with peppers, cucumbers with garlic and Chinese cabbage. Drank pijoo - but not bing (cold).


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