Jia Yu Guan, China
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
11/04/1999 Great Wall Hotel 398 KM 16634 KM

The desert wind turns the windmills.

Out west, parts of the Great Wall are not so great anymore.

Prisoners were thrown out of the gates into the West, no-man's land.

The Fort

Fort watchtower

This was the western-most fort complex in China and the Great Wall ended here.

Close-up of the mess

Unfortunately, over-packed vehicles everywhere in the world turn over.

This was the western-most wall of China's Great Wall. Beyond here, "civilization" ceased.

Our first glimpse of the Great Wall


This fort was traditionally the last civilization when one was going west. The vast desert loomed hereafter.


11 April 1999 - We went with our translator Mr. Yuan to a small-restaurant (seating for 30) and enjoyed a great meal. Beer, not bing (cold), steamed rice, spicy chicken with peppers, lamb with Chinese mushrooms, spicy fish (the entire fish including the head and eyes, cucumbers in hot sauce and vinegar (tasted a little like Southern bread and butter pickles), eggplant and another mixed vegetable plate.

In the restaurant, I noticed a young attractive woman who seemed to be running the place. Jim said she was the owner, and I didn't believe him. Mr. Yuan asked if she ran the restaurant and the lady (who we called 'miniskirt' since she wore a very short black leather skirt) said not only did she run the restaurant, but also she established it in early 1998. 30 years old, she had at least 10 people working for her. They all came out of the kitchen at 9:10 p.m. and together ate dinner of fried rice with bean sprouts and pig's knuckle. No one ate fish, which the server recommended to us as the house specialty. Since we were in a desert, perhaps the fish was too expensive for the owner to feed to a hungry crew.


  Great Wall Fort