Urumqi, China
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
03/04/1999 Hoi Tak Hotel 246 KM 15127 KM

We find many of Chinas new buildings to be hotels and office complexes.

Our server prepares Peking Duck. On a thin flour pancake, she places onions, Chinese white vegetable, Peking sauce and of course, the duck. The meal was outstanding!

Rhythm for the exercisers

We saw nearly as many men as women exercising in the park.

Graceful movement

Close-up of the future husband and wife

An engaged couple pose for pictures in Western-style dress, but will most likely wear traditional Chinese attire during the wedding. This fad of Western dress for photos has developed over the last eight years.

3 April 1999 - In Urumqi, the days are very long - sun up by 8 a.m. and dark around 9:15 p.m. We headed out for a late dinner, and I ate my first roasted duck or Beijing Duck (as the Chinese call it, but Peking Duck to many). I love that I ate this splendid Chinese dish for the first time in China. The chef came to the table and carved the roasted duck for us - she served only the crispy skin of the duck. We rolled the skin in a brown, sweet duck sauce and then placed this in a steamed flour circular shell adding a few green onions and thin white vegetables. We drank Tsingdao beer to wash the duck down. Oh, what a night!


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