Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
20/03/1999 Ak-Keme Hotel 646 KM 13055 KM

Sergei, our fabulous Russian translator, convinced the police not to give Paige a ticket. After directing Paige to pull over, the policeman became upset because she did not stop at just the right spot.

Jim, Lenin and Paige

One of the few Lenin statues still standing after the fall of communism. Many governments have replaced statues of Lenin with national heroes or public art.

Signs in Kazak and Russian

Who needs a car?

Coca-Cola is a universal brand, advertising throughout Central Asia. Every roadside stand offers Coke and Fanta.

Driving through Bishkek

More Kyrgyzstan children grinning for us

Children everywhere love the camera..

More remnants of Soviet-era construction

Kyrgyzstan mountains

Above ground heating system constructed during Soviet-era

Bomb shelter left over from Soviet days


The city of Bishkek

A view of the mountains from Bishkek

Horse-led carts offer transportation for many.

A man on the street in Bishkek

Apartments in Bishkek


  Kyrgyzstan (Jim)