Caspian Sea, Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
05/03/1999 Kach Military Hotel 16 KM 10425 KM

A statue depicts President Turkmenbashi.

Sunset in Turkmenistan

The gateway to Central Asia, located in modern Turkmenbashi

Standing on a bridge over Turkmenbashi Canal

Jim loves the sidecars we see often in Central Asia.

A banner representing President Turkmenbashi

5 March 1999 - Lunch aboard the Azerbaijan consisted of more boiled potatoes and the same dry, tough bread that we ate the night before. The cook saved our leftover sturgeon from last night and re-heated the fish for us. Jim ate it, but I could not stomach the grease. And of course, more tea. Oh, the spots on the potatoes were a darker green - I couldn't convince Jim that they were really rotten today.


  The Karakum Canal and the ecological disaster of the Aral Sea (Jim)
  The desert (Jim and Paige)
  Dining out (Paige)