Istanbul, Turkey
Date: Lodging: Distance: Total:
16/02/1999 Hyatt Regency Istanbul 771 KM 7560 KM

The carpet inside the Blue Mosque outlines the square for the worshipper to kneel in prayer.

Inside the Blue Mosque

Ceiling of the Blue Mosque

Ceiling of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Wall adornment

Inside 'The Harem' of the Topkapi Palace

The Sultan's throne inside 'The Harem'

The Blue Mosque with six minarets

Inside the Blue Mosque

Upstairs in the Hagia Sophia, where women were allowed to worship

Crossing the Bosphorus, which divides Europe and Asia

16 February 1999 - Up early 6:20 a.m. for 7 a.m. departure. I slept poorly probably because I was anxious about sleeping in Yugoslavia. Breakfast included boiled egg, thick bun of bread with butter and jam, cheese, orange juice and coffee. The meal was not great, but perhaps we are spoiled after the wonderful breakfasts in Hungary, Austria and Germany. The coffee, which looked like thick chocolate syrup, was the thickest brew I had ever seen. My cup was half full and I poured milk to the top of the cup and it still looked brown! Surprisingly the coffee was delicious and sweet even - it's the Turkish influence already.

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